Paris today

I was so fortunate in being invited into. “Ines de la Fressange design studio ” in her shop at St Germaine. I admire her , firstly from years ago as a top French model and latterly as a designer in her own right. She designs clothes, and a wide range of accessories including* suitcases, homewares and including my glass frames purchased a year ago in Paris.

breakfast in Paris , it’s been a hard night for some !

Paris !

Paris oh Paris how we love thee, city of romance, beautiful design, the Parisian chic in dress both woman and men.

I love the buzz. First experienced in 1970 with a lovely young daughter of 2 years, a camper van and an adventurous spirit. Camping at the Blois de Boulogne in a camper van , traveling from UK around Europe , very green NZers.

Then again with said daughter now 17 lovely Amanda and dearest son Callum a teenager in 1985, same camp , same Paris a tent that time, many adventures before even leaving* Paris for 5 months camping around Europe.

now back again for the umpteeth time just ‘Jo and Calv’ the old hippies as sometimes referred to by our daughter and son A great bistro like no other Relaxed, comfortable , great ambience , welcome and food.

Chablis again “Convoi Exceptional”

Oh I love big machinery and exceptional loads being carried by trucks , tractors or as in india cars.

Today was no exception , we had a Convoi Exceptional with all the flashing. lights for and aft thundering along* the roadway taking up both sides of the white line, sometimes at speeds up to 70 kmp ( downhill) . Then this morning in Chablis the grape pickers and tra8lers for the grapes all ripping through the town, a great sense of purpose and excitement for moi out to the hectares and hectares of grapes. The forecast is good until Sunday then rain is n the way so grapes need to be in . A few photos of Chablis as well.

Tomorrow Paris and St Germain oo lala

Our lunch was our main meal of the day , for evening we enjoyed some local wine , cheeses, sardines , crusty bread and fruit ,sitting out on the terrace watching the grape harvesters going home , deposit grapes and returning to the fields, life is good