Opera in Glover Park

A beautiful evening,!sitting on Phoebe and Callum’s verandah overlooking Glover Park entertainment. On comfortable seats, elevated and in the shade with a glass of champagne in hand and great company , including Snuffles the cat

2020 started with a bang.

Our 55th wedding anniversary Angus Our only grandson turned 8 yrs, our second granddaughter Frances in Melbourne Australia turned 18 and off to University this year. Sister Ellen into her third year at university . Back home and living around the corner( how lucky can you be) Amelia starts Secondary School and is 13 yrs her sister Olivia leading the littlest at 11 yrs.

Callum and family are away camping at the top of Northland for a week and grandad Calvin walks around to feed Snuffles the cat each day.

We have a busy few weeks coming up with Calvin having tests and diagnosis. Then in mid March we fly to visit the rest of the family in Melbourne .