We are in the pointy end , fabulous views ….

We have arrived after a little bit of stress finding the TT car return. With a little bit of creative driving down a no entry road we arrived, now 24 hrs in the Hotel then ✈️

Went up Mont Ventoux after the Brocante at Malaucene the previous week. Wonderful as usual. 1909m

Aperitifs in the garden , sheltered from the heat by the 500 yr old Nettle Tree. All in the heart of Historic Arles

Fabulous Arles never disappoints , our large room overlooked the Arena and with two sets of double doors opening to our narrow but long terrasse we had the most fabulous views

First evening in Arles . From our Terrasse and dining out ar Restaurant. Cricquet almost next door , we visited last time before COVID

At Michaels Faucon a grande reunion from 23 yrs ago

The colourful well cared for shop fronts in “Orange”

An early lunch at Saint Hubert’s Auberge , Entrechaux

Sonic Boom !

Periodically we have the might of the French airforce flying around having fun , we have witnessed them (3) flying down a canyon under Mt Ventoux as we sat in a restaurant slightly above , a fairly amazing vista.

Today it was the daddy of them all, out of nowhere this tremendous building of noise and power reverberating throughout the house, I started to tremble waiting for walls to crumble as the shaking began , Thnking I am at the top of this stone building , so reminiscent of our dreadful earthquakes in Christchurch NZ.

Then it was gone ………………

The Fields of Lavender !

Sean taking time out from his work with the UN in Valencia Spain , to ride through Feance , mountain passes in Italy and back home to Spain. He called in for the night and we had fun catching up after 5 yrs. Things never change with good friends, one Carrie’s on where one left off !

Inside our cool room, stairs leading up to the kitchen, terrace and bedrooms

Yesterday with friends Janet and Peter at Le Gessy!

Lunch with dear friends which progressed over 5 hrs, Janet is never noted to be an undercaterer , glorious fish every type imaginable, smoked and pickled , followed by Peters wondrous bbq of lamb, steak , chicken and the most delicious sausages, followed by tiramisu and fresh fruit salad , we forwent the cheese course as there was no more room in tummies. Of course this was all accompanied with fine wines what a picnic and hospitality at their campsite

the view from where we were sitting

Our lovely apartment up the spiral stone stairs !

A big welcome by Jos ! Then in his Summer Cave opening to his garden .

UZES the Cathedral c1090 across the street ‘ ‘ from our Medieval building . And ‘looking’ in a very nice shop !!

Driving 500 km to Uzes today

A big day for us driving from Bergerac to Uzes 500 km. Not far in our younger days !!!!!!

Inside. Stairway and entrance to our apartment, and views from our windows 2 nd floor by the portico

Market Day in Poitiers

The market was mainly food though I did purchase the lovely little soft leather cigarette case with hand embroidery inside. I thought it ideal for folded euros and they do fit ! The dog felt a bit like me at the end of browsing !

Last evening at LaProcope circa 1668 and then walking back to our Hotel past a ‘bit of a do’ and pretty smart cars parked outside .

Hotel Fougere a very lovely very small hotel 36 Rue Bonaparte , St Germain ,Paris

Granny’s Day

Amy made the scones, Livvy and Angus the table setting and other chores, such a lovely day Thankyou xxxx

Last evening in Melbourne , an amazing two weeks being thoroughly spoilt .


A wonderful few days in Christchurch and a great day trip to Akaroa, beautiful and tranquil as always. Lovely time with Julie and Russell

The last photo is of the sailing ship “Monarch” which brought my great grandfather to NZ from England. Though a Vet by profession he sailed as the ‘ships doctor’. The ship left England in 1849 and five months later after a horrific journey with passengers starving it came to Akaroa Harbour and there becalmed for 14 days. The locals rowed out in canoes with fresh provisions which saved them

Ellen and Frances Relaxing , with Biddy who has decided to move off 🤣

HM Pentridge Prison, Coburg Melbourne

Now decommissioned after opening in 1850, then a very cold looking bleak construction of handhewn rocks . Now the buildings converted to residential use and and multi story apartment blocks grace part of the grounds. A place of tranquility , Childrens play areas, grass, restaurants and a small shopping mall servicing the new developments.

Heide museum and Art Gallery

We enjoyed viewing the buildings and property of John and Sunday Reed patrons of one of Australia’s leading artists Sidney Robert Nolan who was also at an early stage lover of Sunday Reed.

We enjoyed viewing many of his works and personal photographs of those early days at the Reeds home and property. The art gallery, the old farmhouse and the new modern house all house many art works not only of Nolans but also other well known artists. A great day out walking through the gardens, extensive vegetable plots, orchard and enjoying lunch at the Cafe .

Back at Port Melbourne

So wonderful to return so soon after our 2 years absence. Spent out first morning with Amanda and Biddy at Princes Pier , exercise groups, roller skater and blade skater plus fishermen and maintenance, so much going on !

The morning after Callum’s party ,whisked out for coffee by Brenda and Bruce !

Just 10 mins drive from our home Wai-O- Taiki Bay. You can walk through native bush , or beside the sea and then there is the mangrove swamps. A bird sanctuary so many species to sit and watch , very few people, many secluded seats just where you need them and wonderful vistas.

We will miss these interesting family discussions, we fly home today , had our RAT Test in preparation , back in April ❤️

Frances tempting Biddy with Olivia’s toy !!!!❤️

Melbourne after 2 yrs !!

‘This is your captain speaking ‘ best words ever,

Soon into the shopping mode Calvin off with his trolley visiting the supermarket and the bottle shop, more celebrating tonight and pics .

Harvest and relaxing ! Summer in St Heliers !!!!

A week in my life, lovely friends staying, grandchildren starting a new year at school, Angus ready to slay the competition in his new to him yacht !!!

Wai O Taiki Bay

Wai O Taiki Bay 11 mins drive from us , one of the hidden gems between St Heliers and downtown . Lovely walks through the native forest then later over mango swamp to the Spit . So serene, hardly anyone there just a few locals who know of this hidden gem .

One of the better combinations from the back of my wardrobe .

I use these photos for reference when I am packing for verse overseas

Aperitifs on our last evening at “The Duke” A gin on ice for madame and a sparkling Rose for ‘Sir’ as the sunset on the sea , glorious. Earlier in the day a short motor to the Keri Keri Inlet to revisit Kemp House and the Old Stone Store some of the earliest buildings in New Zealand.

Today it was farewell for now and a short trip on the car ferry which takes 10 mins to save 90 mins driving .