9 hours in a chemotherapy ward , a very humbling experience

It was a happy place to be in, plenty of smiles and positivity oozing in the atmosphere. From Young fit and handsome young Polynesian man, university lecturer type, young mother, Muslim lady, middle aged man and Calvin the oldest, he didn’t look the oldest 🙄

The staff were fabulous and explained all the different toxic chemicals being introduced, we read books, I went through two, plus exercises and a bit of walking to help my numb bum from sitting in the delightful upright chair. Even Calvin was past the lying down by the time it was all over for the day.

I bombarded the family with updates and photos until my iPad lost power, note to self to take a charger next time 🥴 all in all it was a bit like a long haul flight even the thought of destination home seemed rather appealing.

Son Callum responded to requests for picking up meds , taking delivery of my leopard skin chair delivered a day early and he also left lovely pasta in the fridge. Lovely daughter Amanda in Melbourne Australia answered my innumerable texts and lent great support and love.

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