Chemo is over ,๐Ÿ™

Calvin has had his last chemotherapy session, we look forward to being able to celebrate in about 10 days when he starts feeling much better. In the meantime we take each day as it comes , mainly indoors , reading books, and he is drawing and painting as itโ€™s difficult for a man of action not to have the energy to do more physical stuff outside. Being in the middle of winter helps.

Our friends from Mirabel aux Baronnies organised a Zoom meet up the other night and we spent an hour talking and catching up on the gossip of the village. They showed us the landscape and surrounds and sent us a photo of Michael and Jos inJosโ€™s garden admiring his new sculpture. A wonderful time and they promise to do it again before the end of summer.

They both look so well and of course dear Lena took the photo.
Calvin with wonderful flowers sent by Julie and Russell celebrating the end of his Chemotherapy. What a lovely surprise. All the family have been so supportive as well throughout , interested in all my numerous updates , firstly hour by hour, now I have calmed down and itโ€™s just after his toxic download haha a daily report for a few days .

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